Thursday, 4 February 2016


On Thursday evening I went to my family's place for dinner and consulted my problems with the real iron man. I told him about my knee, which is apparently from overtraining and about our plan for the race. Since I will have (and will need) a support team, I was explaining to my father, that for the bike part I will have two groups of people waiting at the beggining and the end of my planned path, which will be 30km long (meaning I have to go there and back 3 times (=180km)). This way I will recieve support every 30th km. After a few seconds of thought he told me: Or you could have one support team in the middle of the way, it would fullfil the same role... :-D Those of you who thought of this solution while reading, I respect you.

On Friday I went to play football and my knee was fine after a few minutes of running. I remember this effect when I used to play football in a club - lovely adrenalin.

The turnament during the weekend was quite exhausting and I didn't manage to do any sports. Also on Monday I did very few as I was recovering from the afterparty. According to my plan I am supposed to have a long non-alcohol period before the race, so that  I don't exhaust my body unnecessarily. Starting around next week seems like the right timing.

First swimming:

I went swimming on Tuesday and I surprised myself as I was able to swim about 2kms in crawl-stroke with almost no breaks. Also I didn't feel especially tired, so I think the swim-bike transition may be OK. I just felt a bit dizzy because of all the chlor they have to put in the water.

On Wednesday I played badminton with U. Wargh, how she makes me run around..

Second swimming:
This was it! My first "biathlon". I decided to run to the pool (~5km), swim about 2kms and run back. There wasn't anything really worth mentioning apart from the people on the streets that keep staring at me in a weird way. It is true that I do look funny in my karate trousers, adhesive top, funny hat and a bag but they could encourage me instead of judging me. I gave those people a nickname for myself while I run - the walking dead. :-) Anyway... I was able to run right after swimming. My legs felt a bit heavy, thats true, but it was managable. Unfortunately on the way back my knee restarted hurting... what a pain... I think I will have to drop running for a while, anyway I plan to start biking from next week, so it doesn't affect my plan too much. I just hope it will be fine on the bike. On the day of the race I will eat a lot of pain killers and will manage, hopefully... but to do it everyday, I just don't feel it's right.

Otherwise I keep forgetting the distance I already swam when I am in the water, so the distances I post may not be accurate. I gave myself an "Iron" rule to solve this - when I am not sure I continue counting from the lower distance.

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  1. Tomason is the best.

    and i want your photo in the next post! you don't become cool because of the clothes you wear, the clothes become cool because of the person wearing them. and this sounds really cool, sort of like Muten Rōshi-sama's training from Dragon Ball