Sunday, 14 February 2016

Damned bike....

I planed to ride the 90 km's on Wednesday but unfortunately I got busy that day, so I ended up doing nothing for the Ironman. On Friday I planed to amend for my mistakes and ride to Mikulov. Unfortunately my bike has some issues. When I treadle sometimes the movement isn't transfered to the wheel, so I am threadeling like a hamster in his wheel - without real purpose. It is really annoying when it happens on intersections, especially when I am turning left and want to get to the other side before a car from the opposite side passes. Usually the car drivers take it with a smile, since me treadeling at a speed of light without my bike moving forward does look funny. This used to happen everyonce in a while, but now it happens almost on a minute bases, so it is really annoying. I managed to bike for 50kms with a bike in this state, but it took a tremandeous amount of effort. I was surprised how much I could swear. I just couldn't help myself.

Otherwise my legs didn't feel tired after 50kms, but its really few, so I can't take anything from that. Also I got worried because my average speed was about 18km/h, which is not fast enough. I hope I'll get a speed boost when I change my mountain bike for a "road" bike, but it will be tough anyway.
Tomorrow I'll get my bike repaired, so hopefully soon I can restart the bike training. Today I'll go jogging - at least I can test my knee. 

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