Monday, 8 February 2016

Finally got a bike

As mentioned in the previous post, the real challenge starts now: this week is the beginning of the non-alcohol period (about 50 days, argh) ... Or is it? I feel that a real Iron Man should not be a "wuss" and have fun while keeping his body in shape. That's why I added a clause to this rule, I am allowed to drink "a bit"  after our weekly football match.

Otherwise I finally got my bike to my flat and so the important part of the training starts. As I don't have many classes this semestr, I am free to bike almost as much as I want. As my super good friend J. (D.) suggested, I could go to Mikulov, which is a city at about 55 km from my place. The advantage is, that the first 45km are super flat, so I it may be ideal for the competition as 45*4 = 180km, or at least I hope it does. Otherwise I've always wanted to visit the city of Telc, which is at about 100kms , so that will be one of the goals and also my grandma lives at about 200kms, that will probably be the max distance I'll attempt. Since I am starting this week and still want to practice swimming, tomorrow I plan to swim the full 3.8kms and then try to come back to my flat by bike, I'll see how it goes. Franky I am a bit afraid of the swim->bike transition, so I want to practice this as much as I can.

Otherwise I plan on becomming "half Iron Man" in about two weeks :-).

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