Thursday, 18 February 2016

An Iron tale of an Iron fail...

It must have been the first time in the history of my new flat that I woke up before everybody else, perhaps it was even the first time that I didn't wake up last. As I wanted to eat some pasta at least an hour before swimming I set up my alarm clock at 5:30. The morning preparations went well and I jumped into the water at 7:03 - almost on time. The weather was not looking promising but it was supposed to rain only in the afternoon, so I didn't worry much.

When I left the swimming pool around 8 o'clock, I checked my phone and discovered several sms' and miss calls from my support team (l.b.J.). Apparently due to the starting rain it was a bad idea to make the attempt today: the road will be slippery, it is very cold and the support team didn't feel like standing for hours in the rain. As J. was supposed to bring me the road bike I was a bit disappointed, but I still released him from his duties - I was going to fight the rain with my mountain bike. I was quite surprised when I met J. at the meeting point with the road bike. It was not raining that much, so we decided to try it out.

Well, it was a bad idea... the rain became heavier and heavier every minute that went by and I got soaking wet in no time. After about 30kms we decided to call it quits.

I learned a few things today:
1) The road bike rocks. I was able to keep an average of 23km/h without any effort.
2) I am getting used to sitting on the bike,
3) Don't ever take white pants when you go cycling.
J.'s commentary: "where will you be when diarrhea strikes" :-)

This Sunday we are leaving for skiing with the whole family, so no serious training for a week ~(^^~)