Monday, 15 February 2016

Getting hyped!

Because of my bike problems I thought I was just going to run on Sunday, but guilt steped in the way (because I haven't trained much on Wednesday and Thursday) so I changed my plans. My father has his professional bike fixed to some kind of mechanism, that allows you to treadle at home in all comfort, so I decided to run to my parents place (about 8km), use the bike and run back. Their place offers also an other kind of advantage compared to my place - the "full-fridge" factor.

I biked for about 3 hours. It's a really cool training machine, not only you can change difficulties and so you can simulate an uphill road and work really hard, but you can also fix your phone to the handlebar and can watch movies while biking. I started with some Starcarft 2 commented videos and then watched some go on KGS and Wbaduk. You can see it on the video bellow :). I had one major problem while biking: sitting on the bike does really hurt :-D

After 3 hours of a rather rough training, I did my best to leave my parents place as soon as possible, so that I could try the bike->run transition. The first steps going down the stairs were indeed painful, but once I started running I felt really light and comfortable. I was so surprised and so happy that I could run that I really enjoyed the way home. Starting from about halfway I started imagining myself victorious at the Ironman challenge, thought about how I will mock M. once I finish the race and what kind of music I'll want my brother to play for the last hundred meters.
I really got hyped by this training and that's why I want to try the half Ironman this Thursday :-).

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