Thursday, 28 January 2016

The problems begin ...

First of all, thanks everyone for your verbal and financial support. I thought my post on fb may be just a nusiance for everyone, so I was very pleasantly surprized. Now I really don't have any choice left, and just have to go for it. Actually the amount of money I gathered will allow me to buy a multiple entry pass to the swimming pool, so I have to go and buy it as soon as possible, since its about the same price as the new Starcraft expension... :-D

Back to the training...

The next day after the Tuesday 15km run, I felt quite ok. It looked like my body could keep the training tempo. As I don't want to overdo it, on Wednesday I planned only to play badminton with U. and make some basic exercices. I didn't start with the "Tabata Method" that "whatever" suggested yet. I'll try it in about 10 days. Actually the badminton was a good exercice too. U. is really experience and she made me run all over the field for the entire hour, so I felt more exhausted then after our football matches. I was a bit afraid on how my legs would hold, since I was supposed to run 24 kms the day after, but I felt nothing special. Unfortunately I woke up twice during the night and started caughing a little. It's very unusual for me so I took it as my body telling me that I may have choosen a too quick pace for my training.

Fourth run:
This morning I realized I've never ran 24 kms before but the distance didn't impress me much, since its only a little bit longer then the half marathon. Moreover I am lucky to have a friend D. that lives at approximately 12 kms from my place, so we agreed that I will stop by for some water with sirup. That way not only I'll get refreshed, but I'll have something to look forward during the first 12kms.
The first 4 kms were quite painful, as my muscles weren't as relaxed as in the previous runs, but it got better and till the 10th km it was a piece of cake. At the 10th km the problems began. My left knee started to hurt a little. It slowly went from annoying to unsupportable. I thought of my kung-fu training and tried to focus my attention elsewhere, but it turns out I suck at this, so it didn't work. I forced myself to reach the checkpoint without any break, but I wasn't sure if I could continue any longer. After the refreshement, the pain went away for a while, so I managed to reach about the 14th km while still running, but from then I did need to take breaks. My hearth frequency, muscle trieness and breath were satisfactory, just this damn knee... So the last 10 km I spend half walking an half running. To literally add insult to injury, I kicked some plastic bottle of beer by accident and its content spilled on my trousers. Turns out that beer can turn into vinegar if you provide it enough time. The last km of the parcour is through a very crowded part of city, let's just say that I tried to choose the shadowy alleys and that this time, I didn't get many "emphatic smiles"

Tomorrow I will go play football, I think my knee should be fine till then, but I will give it as much rest as possible. Also I decided not to go to the tournament by bike, since it would be a bit crazy, to leave at 5 in the morning, especially when I feel tired. I will just try to run ~ 5-10 km on Satturday. Next week will be dedicated to swimming. I am looking forward to this part of training, because (if I feel good enough) I will try running to the swimming pool, swim and then run back. I hope to get the ironman feeling from that.

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