Sunday, 6 March 2016

Sexual desires

I changed the setting for posting comments on the blog based on the advice of L - thanks. Now it is no longer necessary to have an account to post comments.

This week my fighting spirit has been quite low. I did rest during my holiday in Italy but it also broke my training rythm. I had problems finding motivation not only to train but also to work for school, so it kinda sucked. Nevertheless I biked almost everyday, but only between 1-2 hours - that is until today. Today I biked for ~90kms.

I couldn't have chosen a better day for this long(ish) ride. The weather was simply perfect. Had I taken some water with me, I may have enjoyed it even more. I planned to go to Dolni Vestonice a small village at about ~ 40 kms from Brno. and I managed. I got lost several times in the process, so that's why the final length was around 90kms. It took me 5 hours, which is kinda slow but it was on my mountain bike, so it's acceptable I'd say.
The first 60 kms were without any problems, but I started to feel my legs ~  km 65. So it looks like I don't have enough strength despite all the training. Somehow after around 15 kms and some sugar the pain started to dissipate, so I could finish the ride honorably.

Since I do get bored quite fast, I started to listen to music while I ride. I put my phone in my backpack and put it very loud so that I can hear it. It's kind of cool, some motivational music really helps. When I had my crisis at km 65, the phone randomly chose the full album Sempiternal from Bring me the horizon, which I am very fond of. As my bike doesn't have any way to inform the other participants of the road traffic that I am behind them. I was hoping that people would react to the fast approaching music, but somehow it seems that it "doesn't ring a bell".

At the end of the journey I suddenly started thiking about beer. That wouldn't really be anything worth mentioning, as Czech guys do that quite often, but this time the thoughts brought by exhaustion and thirst were almost sexual. I mean, the beer looked so appealing. Old fashioned glass - very thin so that you can feel the cold liquid inside, not too much of foam so that you can reach the liquid immediatly and the top of the glass a bit dewy - as it should be. What a nice thought - pity that till the race I have an absolutely no alcohol policy.

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