Saturday, 19 March 2016

The D-Day

This is it, the D-Day everyone was waiting for: Ondra's attempt for the Iron Man.

The plan was: to wake up at 5 AM, eat some pasta and go to the swimming pool to swim 3.8kms at 7 AM. Everything seems to go according to the plan, since the dining table is a mess with ketchup everywhere (but at least we know he woke up, right?).

While the bike support team is slowly getting ready, I got a phone call from our father at 7:25, that Ondra has finished his first kilometer in 22minutes and 55seconds. At 7:48 I got a second phone call announcing the 2nd kilometer in 24mins 35secs.

The swimming part:
Km Time
1. 22:55
2. 24:35
3. 26:56
3.8 21:36
Total 1h 36min

Ondra arrived to Obrany and started the bike part at 8:51 (I did not see him so I don't know how he feels).

The bike part: (note: the timer is running even when he stops to take his drinks and snacks)
17 25
Km Time
13. 35min
21. 1h 05min
38. 1h 43min
65. 2h 51min
74. 3h 11min
88. 3h 54min
115. 5h 04min
124. 5h 31min
138. 6h 27min
147. 6h 51min
160. 7h 09min
180. 8h 34min
The average speed is: 21.01 km/h

The bike support team is now settled in Café&Wine in Adamov - everyone is welcome to come:)!
The IronMan, looking motivated more than ever, passed by just in a flash - everything is all right, we even had an opportunity to conduct a very small interview, so here it is:
(I asked him if he wanted to tell something to his fans :)) )

(even thought you can't see his smile on the vid I assure you that he was smiling)
After his 2nd stop in Adamov he still had a smile on his face! Saying everything was fine, should M be afraid?

Third stop, first iont drink and first snack (the bike support team wanted to work on his bachelors thesis while waiting - but couldn't because Ondra is too fast  :( )

The bike support team is happy to welcome SIkachnak! Also our parents took some pics, have a look:

 The face says it all "let the pain speak to me"
The support team in all its beauty:
 The interview:
This is how the interview went:
Interviewer: How do you feel after finishing your 60. km?
The IronMan: Fine, I never thought I would say this, but I'm really looking forward to the marathon!
Interviewer: Do you feel any pain?
The IronMan: No, just my butt a little bit.

So here he is, still smiling and even has the energy to fool around (or maybe he is just playing it? :P).

Zuzka has just arrived to join the bike support team!
Few minutes later SImikin & family arrived too!
Of course we had to take a picture together, so this is the current mood of the bike support team:

But the support team is also composed of SImikin's sons - SIjonáš and SISImon - here they are cheering for uncle Ondra!

After his 7th stop he still looked like he had a lot of energy. When we asked how he feels, he seemed really happy:
Ondra: I just have to go there, then back, then once again, then back again, then I'll stop here and then just go to Obrany..!

Some more pictures..:

During last stage (9th), Ondra fell off his bike and then fearlessly got up and kept on going! Next expected fall in about 30mins.

Ondra surprisingly finished his bike part at 17h25 (we did not expect this). He even seemed very confident about his running part, even after 180kms of biking he still has a smile on his face! Maybe it was because he was not biking alone - Nikola Bartosek came to his aid and provided him with great moral support for more than 40 kms and so did our parents for more than 50 kms!

Let's see how he will manage to run a marathon after such an exhausting biking trip.
The running support team has moved to a diferent place now - we're in Obrany. The team is composed of the Def' clan, Kruml clan, SIaudun, SIkachnak and Zuzka.

He started running at 17h38.

The running part:
Km Time
9. 54min
18. 1h 55min
27. 3h 08min

Last stop: 20h50
Second round is finished at 19:42; 18 km done, 24km to go. Now Jirka follows Ondra on the bike so the table will be updated when he comes back, hopefully in about one hour. However, the temperature is going down fast and Ondra starts to visibly suffer.

SIeracle: After being with Ondra for one trip, I'm starting to be a little bit worried - his will is really strong, but his body seems to have some problems (he's cold, his head was spinning for a while,...). But even in this state he was full of humour - he even asked if we're going to Hostimil after he finishes :)) (a PUB in Brno)... He also asked if he can sleep in my bed tonight - haha, no way bro' :D

 But the support team is still here even in a bigger number - there are 12 of us!

 Some pics..:

The moment when he finished his 180kms on bike:

Even this tired he stills finds a moment to look at a go board...

The start of the running part

After 16h05min - at 23h05 Ondra successfully finished the IronMan challenge!


  1. go, go, go... :)

  2. If I was M, I would start to be worried about my bet, because who I saw this morning in the swimming pool was an highly motivated iron man with a propeller in his arsch!:)

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  4. What about the second breakfast for the ironman? Snacks and other refreshment? A large schnitzel for the lunch? Hopefully some beers? :)

  5. Plavání zvládl dobře! :) I I believe in you! Your GOd ;)

  6. This interview must have frightened M very much!!!

  7. Jej, už teď mě mrzí, že u toho nejsem naživo. So much fun! :)

  8. Skvělý Ondro, sledujem a fandíme! ;) Do toho, jsi borec!!

  9. I na fotkách vypadá, že má plno energie.:) Paráda!

  10. Kateřina Hájková20 March 2016 at 10:16

    Fandím ti a máš můj respekt!;)

  11. Famózní, i po kole s úsměvem! :)

  12. you have gone so far, the end doesn't matter any longer ;)

  13. Úžasný výkon! Gratuluji! a přeji rychlou regeneraci :)

  14. Mishak Bartoshek21 March 2016 at 02:12

    You're the Hero of the day. I watched your progress during all day and it is very impresive what have you done. Especially your will seems to be pretty strong man ;) ...wish you fast recovery too.

  15. Thanks for all the support :) When I had the ideas of giving up, it helped me a lot, since I did not want to disapoint you.
    The last 15kms were quite difficult, but thanks to some energy gels I managed somehow to reach the last turning point and for the last 7kms a lot of people joined me, ran with me (or biked), so that pumped me up :D. There are no pictures from the finish, because I arrived to early and the photographer wasn't ready :D
    Today is "kinda" tough, but I guess it could have been way worse:)

    See you around!