Monday, 14 March 2016

Almost there ...

This week has been pretty nice. As the Ironman date is approaching, I have to make sure not to overtrain. I really respect the saying "It's worst to go for the ironman 1% overtrained than 10% undertrained" :-). Nevertheless I made physical activities almost everyday. I ran, biked, did musculatory exercices, played football and badminton.
I must say, I really do feel changes in my condition. I don't get exhausted that fast and don't have to sleep after longer training sessions anymore.

Now its time to decide when to do the ironman challenge and I start to feel that this Sunday should be the best. I haven't drunken any alcohol for two weeks (not even after football and at a go tournament!!), and I feel thats enough :-D. My brother said he has time for support, so now it depends on the weather and how M. sees it.

How do I see my chances? Mhmm... I think 25% should be about accurate.

I will for sure post again, once it's decided and someone will update this blog hourly during the day D.

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