Wednesday, 16 March 2016

This Sunday, huh

M. agrees to do the ironman this Sunday and its supposed not to rain, so we will go for it.

My brother will update this blog hourly during the day D., so you guys can follow my progress and cheer :-D.

My family agreed to support me during the race, so I don't "need" anyone to help me. Nevertheless if you want to come to cheer and hang out then there are two scenarios:

1) You want to come already during the bike part (9:30-18:00): contact my brother, he will tell you where he will be and I am sure he'll be glad if someone hangs out with him while I bike. I don't want to post his phone number here, so contact me somehow, so that I can give it to you. He will have his notebook with him and has the game "fish fillets"(1), so you'll have something to do :-P.

2) You want to come during the running part:(17:00-23:59) meet the others in "hospoda na konecne" in Obrany. I will have to "walk/run" to Bilovice and back around 5 times and will have a bike at disposal for the possible fans, so they can keep me company during the run. Bring some cool music on your phone, I don't think I'll be much into discussions! :-D

I would like to thank everyone for their encouragements was it when met, via facebook, this blog or in any other way. We had several good laughs about this challenge and it did really force me to train a lot. I think my set of mind got better and my physical condition of course too.

Thank you for your donations, I really appreciate it. I felt a bit humiliated when asking about the donations, but it was a good decision. Not only did it help me financially, but it also motivated me when I had a weak set of mind and didn't feel like training.

Let's hope I sleep well on Satturday,

yours faithfully,


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  1. too bad Brno is quite far for me. godspeed, Scurge