Friday, 22 January 2016

Drinking problems ;-)

Argh, so basically I wanted to blend in with my new flatmates. With the idea of "team building" in mind I joined their "8 min abs workout" ( What followed were two unfortunate weeks of suffering where I was barely able to tie my shoelaces. I never thought of myself as a coach potato, but I guess the release of Starcraft 2 really did affect my physical condition. Anyhow, since that day, my physical inability started to float in my mind, and as you know, you can only ignore your subconsciousness for so long...

Each Friday after our weekly soccer match we hang out with the guys, drink and laugh. I think (hope) I was finishing at least my fifth beer when we started talking about the Ironman. My father has been training for more then a year and is supposed to compete soon, so I know a bunch about the competition. First you've got to swim for 3.8km, followed by a 180km bike ride and if you are still standing you can attempt to finish with a marathon (42km run)... quite a feat, wouldn't you say? Well, not after 5 beers. I remember those distances seemed ridiculously short and since I wanted to start working out a challenge was of order. I estimated the time I'd need to complete these tasks, 2hours for swimming, about 10hours for the bike and 6 hours for the marathon, did the math and made a bet that I will complete the Ironman in less then 16hours until the 1st April 2016. Only in the morning did I realize what I did. Not only it may be impossible to complete it at all, but 2+10+6 is far from 16. Fortunately my very good friend M, the devil in person, allowed me to change the time to 17hours - the official Ironman time.

This blog will be about my following 3 months of training and my attempt to complete the challenge.

About this blog's name. As I expect to be facing laughter and mockery allow me to quote the Ninja from the band Die Antwoord. In the song "Enter The Ninja" he raps: "Fuck all of you that said I wouldn't make it. You said I was a loser. You said I was a no one. You said I was a fucking sucker. Look at me now, all up on the interweb. ... Enter the ninja"

My goals are ordered as follows:
1) Not give up due to a lack of spirit.
2) Not die of exhaustion.
3) Finish the challenge.
4) Make it in the time limit.

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